Wuhan pastor arrested while preaching on Zoom

A pastor from Wuhan, China, has been detained as he preached to a Christian conference that was being broadcast on video chat platform, Zoom. Preacher Luo from Nanjing Road Church was speaking at the “Proclaim Jesus Gospel Gathering”  when police snatched the minister. He was released after four and a half hours of interrogation. 

According to a report by International Christian Concern (ICC), Luo used the time in police custody to witness about how Christians had been serving people in the city during the pandemic. The police were said to have been amazed by the good works of the faith community. 

Luo said: “I rebuke them, calling them out that they are not minding business that they should be minding. Christians disregarded their own lives to do good things, yet the police treat them as the bad guys, this is unreasonable.

“I also told them a few times in all seriousness, I will only live for Christ, I will not argue on other matters. However, I will never change [my persistence] about evangelism.” The police released him a short time later. 

At the end of January, when Wuhan was in a state of complete lockdown, ICC reported on a video which showed Christians distributing face masks and Gospel pamphlets to passersby on the streets. While believers would usually be arrested for such an open show of faith, during the height of the coronavirus outbreak, with police occupied with other matters, public shows of Christian kindness began to flourish. 

Source: Premier