World Radio Day: “The voice of civilian Syria” speaks out. (Podcast)

Syrian refugees with passports lining up to board the night ferry from the Greek island of Kos to Athens where they can be registered. Photo: UNHCR/S. Baltagiannis (file)

Daily broadcasts from a network based in Paris known as Radio Rozana provide Syrian civilians with a vital voice they can trust at home, and abroad.

That’s the view of Editor-in-Chief Lina Charwaf, speaking to the UN Cultural Agency, UNESCO, in a special interview to mark World Radio Day, celebrated on 13 February.

She set up the independent radio station in the French capital in 2013 and believes that Radio Rozana has become one important way after nearly six years of brutal civil war for Syrians “to express their souls”.

UNESCO’s Alison Meston asked Ms Charwaf to describe how Radio Rozana got started.

Duration: 4’13”