U.S. Secretary of State meets with Imprisoned American Pastor Andrew Brunson’s Wife in Turkey

Pastor Andrew Brunson with his wife Norine

American Pastor Andrew Brunson has lived in Turkey for 23 years. He was a pastor at the Resurrection Church in Izmir before being detained on 7 Oct 2016. Andrew has been charged with being part of a terrorist organization. He’s been sentenced to prison in Izmir since November. Andrew has a great love for the Turkish people. He and all who know him maintain the charges are false. Turkey has seen a pressing crackdown against anyone who the current Turkish government deems as a threat. This apparently includes Christians, particularly those from the West.

Last week, Andrew’s wife, Norine shared:

On Monday, Andrew told me he felt the Lord had said I would meet with Sec of State Tillerson. On Tuesday, I was told by the embassy and another Senator that the meeting would NOT happen. I decided to come to Ankara anyway and arrived last night. I met with another significant person in the State Department early afternoon, then late afternoon was told the Secretary would meet with me. PTL, I just had a 20 min meeting with Sec. of State Tillerson. I do not know what will come of it, considering the sensitive period Turkey is in, but was grateful for the opportunity.

The ACLJ who is representing the family and advocating for Pastor Andrew’s freedom, reported that the 20-minute meeting took place in Ankara, Turkey as the Secretary of State held a series of meetings with senior Turkish officials.

This meeting occurred just a few days after Pastor Andrew made a direct personal appeal to the Trump Administration to secure his freedom.

This is a powerful sign that the Trump Administration is taking the plight of this wrongfully imprisoned U.S. citizen very seriously.

We have also been informed that Pastor Andrew’s case was raised at a press conference with the Secretary of State in Turkey.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Brunson and his release.

Source: Voice Of The Persecuted