The Beginning of Miracles

In the second of a series of new podcasts, Ray Barnett and Suzanne Nelson reminisce about the early days. In this episode, Ray goes right back to his teens and recounts some of the challenges which could easily have stopped him in his tracks. Had he simply ‘accepted’ circumstances as they were, he may have totally missed out on God’s plan and purpose for his life.

Time and time again, Ray had to move way out of his comfort zone in order to achieve what God had called him to do. In this podcast he recounts a very early example of that – a challenge to all of us when we’re faced with something that looks impossible.

Ray’s evolution into a career that would require him to frequently speak in public, didn’t had a very promising start. In fact, at his first attempt, instead of enthralling the audience, he physically fainted in front of them and had to be carried off the platform. But when you’ve just learned that miracles exist and you’ve just read that with God, nothing is impossible, then that gives even ‘disasters’ like fainting in front of your audience a different perspective…

Have you overcome any challenges with God’s help that through human eyes looked impossible? If so, Ray would love to hear about it. Please get in touch with him through the contact page of this website or drop him an email at