Muslims join forces with Christians in a village of Gojra, and help build a church. Together they have managed to erect boundary walls of the church. In a spectacular display of brotherhood, the villagers are constructing first ever church in the village. “Our mosque stands here from times past, but our Christian brothers also have the right to worship in their church,’ says a local Muslim villager Ijaz Farooq.


“We have a place to worship, but, Christians do not have one,” Ijaz Farooq said. In the midst of escalating situation of religious extremism and intolerance in the country, such communities also exist where Christians and Muslims live in harmony.

Locals of the village, which is nigh Gojra, a town in Punjab province. What is more, the Muslim villagers are also contributing in the funds for the construction of the church. Thus far, Christians and Muslims have managed to collect about fifty thousand Pakistani rupees for the construction of the church.

Continuing with same zeal and passion, Christians and Muslims endeavoring to realize their dream of Saint Joseph’ Church. The Muslim majority village is home to eight Christian families. Strikingly, Christians and Muslims live together as they seem to know not the concept of religious discrimination.

“As far as I can remember, we have been living together, we partake in each other’s happiness, sorrows and religious festivals,” says one Christian villager Faryal Masih. He went on to pray,” May the Lord protects, everyone of incidents like the one in Gojra,” he added, “However, we are rest assured that our Muslim neighbors will stand by our side in times of trouble.”

Source: Christians in Pakistan