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Memphis Church Security Thwarts Gunman on Easter Sunday

A Tennessee church is counting its blessings after a gunman walked into its sanctuary with several guns on Easter morning.

Police say, Marcus Donald, 31, arrived at Bellevue Baptist Church around the time of the 11 a.m. service with an estimated 4,500 people inside the church.

A church usher saw the man who was carrying several guns and alerted the church’s security team. Security then contacted the Memphis Police Department.

CBN News’s Charlene Aaron spoke with Andy Willis, head of the security program at Bellevue Baptist Church. He says churches must be prepared for attacks and threats and have security in place to respond.

In 2014, CBN News highlighted Bellevue Baptist, one of the largest churches in Memphis, for a story about church security.

Andy Willis, who heads up security at the church, has the monumental job of keeping this large congregation safe.

“Today, churches that speak the truth, that teach and preach true biblical principles, they draw a lot of attention because there are a lot of components of society today that don’t want to hear that,” Willis told CBN News.

Willis said the church relies on state-of-the-art cameras.

“A camera system that constantly monitors and records activities on campus is extremely important,” he explained.

“They are not very expensive, and the thing that you get is the protection in a liability situation that you won’t have if you don’t have it.”

Police said Donald told them “people in society are a threat to him and that he must be vigilant.”

He was arrested without incident and police are continuing their investigation into the incident.

In a statement, the church said, “A heavily armed man entered our building today about 11 a.m. He was stopped by our security people before he could enter the sanctuary, and was subsequently arrested by Memphis Police. We are thankful for the diligence of our security people and the Memphis Police Department.”

On Twitter church leaders said, “Today an armed man came to Bellevue’s property. Memphis Police arrested the suspect. obody was injured. Praise the Lord for His protection!”

Willis said Christians need to trust God, but be prepared.

“The biggest thing that makes me cringe when I talk to other churches about security is they will say, ‘We don’t have security; we’re just praying that nothing happens,” Willis told CBN News.

He went on to say that trusting God must be paired with understanding we have a part to play in our safety as well.

Source: CBN News

Student Who Played Dead in Oregon College Shooting Heard Gunman’s Words to Christians

By Heather Clark


Anastasia Boylan

ROSEBURG, Ore. — A female student whose life was spared when she played dead after being shot in the back Thursday during the Umpqua Community College massacre says that she heard the gunman’s words targeting Christians as he carried out his assault.

Stacy Boylan, the father of Anastasia Boylan, who was struck in the back and is being treated at a local hospital, relayed the story to reporters on Friday.  “From what I understood, what she said is he shot the professor point blank—one shot, killed him,” he recalled. “Others were injured.”  Boylan said that the gunman, who is identified as 26-year-old Christopher Harper Mercer, then declared, “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time” and let out a laugh that “was not human.” Mercer then ordered students on the ground and began asking each student if they were a Christian.

“This man had enough time—I don’t know how much time elapsed before he was able to stand there and start asking people one by one what their religion was,” Boylan explained. “‘Are you a Christian?’ he would ask them. ‘And if you’re a Christian, stand up.’” “And they would stand up, and he said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going to see God in just about one second,’” he continued. “And then he shot and killed them. And he kept going down the line doing this to people.”

Boylan said that his daughter played dead as she lay injured in order to save her life. He states that the gunman ordered her to stand, but she refused to move, and so he asked a student next to her whether Boylan was dead or alive. The student replied that they didn’t know, and Mercer moved on. Boylan said that his daughter feared that Mercer might see the cross tattoo on her neck. She was transported to a local hospital and underwent surgery to remove a bullet near her spine.

According to reports, Mercer left a note behind stating that he felt the world was against him. He lamented the course of his life, but remarked that he would be “welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil.” One unnamed source told People Magazine that Mercer was interested in Satanism and had a manifesto to “serve darkness.”  “The guy did this strictly for satanic purposes,” they stated. “He did it to become a god in hell. He wants to be evil. That is his goal, to serve Satan.”

Source: Christian News Network