Syria war: Aleppo rebel attack on school kills seven children

Yesterday, the SKY news headline was: Syria: Aleppo ‘out of bodybags’ after another hospital bombing.

Today from the BBC: Aleppo rebel attack on school kills seven children

What’s happening in Aleppo is catastraphic!  Hospitals bombed, schools bombed, children and many ordinary civilians being killed. Now, even the makeshift hospitals have been put out of action.  People are trapped in what remains of their homes, unable to leave, nowhere safe to go. They don’t have clean water and food is scarce.

Below is an update  – News of more atrocities today as a school is bombed and schoolchildren are killed.  The innocent are suffering a great injustice and this must stop.

Christians around the world, “pray for Aleppo” must be more than a cliche that we get used to. We need to pray and we need to take action. The ordinary people of Aleppo need to know that Christians care. Please pray that God will open up the right doors with the right connections so that God’s love will be demonstrated in practical ways.



Children’s backpacks can still be seen in this damaged classroom in a picture from SANA, the government news agency

Seven children and a woman have died in government-controlled western Aleppo after a school was hit by rebel fire, state media says.

At least 32 others were injured at the school in the Furqan neighbourhood, according to the Sana news agency.

The attack comes after days of heavy bombing on the rebel-controlled east.

On Sunday, UN envoy Staffan De Mistura suggested the government grant autonomy to rebel-held areas of the city, a proposal that was dismissed.

Mr De Mistura warned earlier this week that the government was chasing a “pyrrhic victory” in Aleppo if it does not arrive at a political settlement with the opposition.

He is understood to have travelled to the capital Damascus to make another push for a peace deal, proposing an autonomous administration, according to Syria’s foreign minister Walid Muallem.

But Mr Muallem said he was not willing to consider his suggestions.


Eastern Aleppo has been under heavy bombardment since Tuesday

“This was completely rejected… This is a violation of our sovereignty,” Mr Muallem said in a televised news conference after holding talks with Mr De Mistura.

Mr De Mistura arrived in the country amid growing concern for the 275,000 residents in east Aleppo, whom the World Health Organization says are almost entirely without hospital facilities following the government’s latest assault.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, at least 103 people have died in rebel-controlled areas since the bombardment began on Tuesday, following a three week moratorium. Thirteen – including nine children – have died in the government-controlled west.

Syria Civil Defence, a volunteer rescue service also known as the White Helmets, said there were 180 air strikes on east Aleppo on Saturday alone.


Both the White Helmets and the Observatory said the assault had continued into Sunday, with barrel bombs dropped on the al-Sakhour district.

Among the dead were a family of six, whom medics claim suffocated to death because the barrel bomb had been laced with chlorine gas.

The Observatory could not confirm that chlorine gas was used.

Source: BBC News