Syria children “will soon die because of aid delivery obstacles” (Podcast 1’21”)

Please pray for the children in Syria who are facing a critical food shortage. Pray that ways will be found to get supplies to them


Children are so malnourished in Syria that they will soon be dying because of aid delivery problems, the UN said on Thursday.


Al-Riad shelter, Aleppo, Syria, February 2015. File Photo: OCHA/Josephine Guerrero

Humanitarian aid coordinator co-chair Jan Egeland issued the warning amid ongoing obstacles getting overland food convoys into besieged and hard-to-reach areas.

This is despite agreements secured with government and opposition forces in the wartorn country to help more than one million people this month.

Here’s Dianne Penn.

The target of delivering aid to one million people in Syria in May is in peril; that’s the message from Jan Egeland, humanitarian aid coordinator, speaking at the UN in Geneva on Thursday.

Of the 18 areas besieged by the government and opposition forces in the wartorn country, Egeland said the situation is worst in Darayya, Moadamyia and Al-Waer.

“Even in areas where we had full approval from the government there has been infinite problems in reaching the places …Children are so malnourished in these place that they will be dying in these places if we are not able to reach them.

Also in Geneva, UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura said that the option of using airdrops to deliver supplies has still not been ruled out.

These would require the assent of the Syrian government, but “logic would say” that it would be granted, de Mistura said, as it had already agreed elsewhere in Syria.

He was referring to besieged Deir-ez Zour in the east, where 110,000 people have received 700 tonnes of aid – enough food for a month.

On the subject of the UN-led peace talks, the Syria Envoy said that he intended to discuss the “best option” on their resumption with the Security Council in New York later on Thursday.

Dianne Penn, United Nations.

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