Sudan: Church Schools Ordered to Open on Sundays

According to reports, Sudan’s Ministry of Education in Khartoum, has issued an order to church schools in Sudan to break with a long standing tradition. The order decrees that they should observe the weekend on Friday and Saturday, operating schools for teaching on Sunday instead of Friday. Since their foundation in the country, schools have observed Sunday as a day off.

The authorities also plan to demolish 27 churches and church buildings in Khartoum. The plan has been delay due to an appeal by lawyers to the courts.

The demolished Sudanese Church Of Christ church in Algadisia had been there since 1983

The Coptic Church in Sudan, claims the authorities demolished the Catholic school of Angola one week before the start of the study. This meant the displacement of more than 500 students, who are still looking for an alternative school to enable them to continue with their education.

Freedom of Christians probed by EU.

In mid-March, the European Union Special Envoy for the Promotion of Freedom of Religion or Belief, Jan Figel, visited Sudan to inquire about the situation of Christians and the demolition of churches in the country.

At the National Assembly, the chairman of Sudan’s Legislation and Justice Committee, Ahmed El Tijani, told the visiting Jan Figel that the freedom of belief is sanctioned by the Sudanese constitution. He claimed that the state does not impose any religious belief or practice on its citizens, and that the churches were being demolished for land-ownership reasons.

Christians in Sudan request prayer for Rafat, chair of the Evangelical Community Council – a committee of the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SPEC) responsible for managing SPEC properties.

Rafat attended the Criminal Court in Omdurman with his lawyer Mr Adam Mosa Abu Anja as scheduled on 17th July, but the judge postponed the defence hearing and witness examinations until 31st July and 15th September. The reason for the postponement was that the judge was busy with other things.