Please pray for these Christian refugees (part 1)

One of our friends recently travelled as part of a team from Northern Ireland to Jordan to meet face to face with Christian refugees and bring them practical aid. A secondary objective of the trip was to bring back ‘stories’ from individuals and families so that Christians in the West can have faces and names to pray for and support practically. Pictured below is Abu with his wife and five children, who had to leave their home town of Mosul in Iraq when ISIS attacked.

Abu with his wife and five children, escaped with their lives to Jordan when ISIS attacked their home town of Mosul

The family had been living in Amman for nine months at the time of our visit. Our team was truly blessed by meeting this family and there was a joy that filled their home.

Before leaving Iraq, Abu worked in a tax office in Mosul. He explained that Mosul was one of the first places to be attacked by ISIS. When the threat to their family became too great they fled in their car and then sold it along with any gold that they had to buy their plane tickets to come to Jordan. They thank God that other family members managed to flee as well. The family believe that God took them out of Mosul at the right time. Their house has been blown up but they are thankful that they only lost material good while others lost their lives.

Abu is now teaching voluntarily in the Latin school in Amman. This school is a part of the Latin Church and is for Iraqi children.


Below is a short audio interview with a member of the team from Northern Ireland who met with Abu and other Christian refugees in Jordan.


Please remember: These Iraqi refugees are not allowed to work in Jordan. This poses a huge problem as they are living off what money they managed to bring with them to pay for necessities such as rent and food. Their resources will soon run out and in some cases it already has. They are currently waiting for the UN to place them permanently in a country where they can build a new life for their children.

We may not be able to solve the whole refugee crises, but we can help these Christians who are taking temporary refuge in Jordan.

For this Refugee Campaign, Friends In The West will work through trusted partners to bring 100% of the aid you give to these Christian refugees in Jordan. Please do what you can to alleviate their suffering and also pray that they may soon have a permanent home where they can start to rebuild their lives.

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