Ohio Missionary Returns Home After Being Detained in The Philippines

An Ohio-based missionary is finally home after being detained in the Philippines.

Twenty-nine-year-old Adam Shaw and two other United Methodist missionaries traveled to Davao City, Philippines last February to investigate human rights concerns in the country. Eventually they came under government surveillance and were detained for allegedly being involved in political activities.

Shaw arrived in Brunswick, Ohio Wednesday evening to the delight of his family and friends. His release comes after more than 12,000 people signed an online petition.

Shaw was detained along with Tawanda Chandiwan and Miracle Osman. According to a press release from the United Methodist Church, Chandiwana was arrested for allegedly overstaying his missionary visa, despite attempting to change his status to a tourist visa as he was nearing the end of his mission service. He was later put on a watch list, though he denies any wrongdoing.

Osman was reportedly in the process of renewing her missionary visa when the government confiscated her passport.

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) ordered Shaw and the two other missionaries to leave the country. Chandiwana is still in detention, but will be deported once he submits his National Bureau of Investigation clearance.

Osman was also reportedly required to submit certain papers before she can leave the country.

The BI has put all three missionaries on a black list, according to Rappler.

The National Council of Churches in the Philippines applauded the missionaries for their work in their country, “We consider Adam Shaw and his fellow missionaries as a living example that our Christian mission knows no borders.”

Source: CBN News