Missionary son plea to kidnappers: reunite my parents


Dr. Ken Elliot, Friends of Burkina Faso Medical Clinic, in a video by Global Business Solutions Inc, published Jan 17, 2016.

It’s been more than three years since Australian missionary doctor, 84-year-old Kenneth Elliot and his wife Jocelyn, were kidnapped from their clinic in Djibo by Muslim terrorists in Burkina Faso.

They were kidnapped on January 15 2016 and Jocelyn was freed three weeks later, but Ken remains in captivity.

On the third anniversary of the kidnapping, Jocelyn and her son, David, recorded a video appealing to the kidnappers for Ken’s release.

On the video posted by Facebook page Djibo soutient Dr Ken Elliot, Jocelyn makes her appeal in the local language of Fulfulde then David takes over in French.

“We the family of Dr Elliot talk to you directly and personally as we wait every day for news about the health of my father,” he says.

“I request and hope that you will give us the information at your disposal. We ask it with all of our hearts. We pray that you will show Dr Elliot in your next video.

“Every day my mother wishes to be with her husband and I ask myself the following question: it is fair to separate my father and my mother?

“I know that you agree with the saying that a wife should be treated with gentleness like a fine, fragile glass. Indeed, my mother is a fragile and elderly woman and she needs to spend the last years of her life by her husband’s side.

“My mother is a sweet, refined woman, made fragile by her advanced age. I know that you will agree when I say she needs to spend the time that remains in her life to be by her husband’s side. I ask you with all my heart to continue to be as kind as when you freed my mother, for which we thank you every day.

“After separating my mother and father you alone are able to complete the fragile image and reunite them for the little time that remains of their lives.

Ken Elliot

“We realise that it might be difficult for you to contact us directly other than by video. We have therefore created an email address to allow you to be in touch with us. We want you to contact us directly to at least let us know the health of our father. We ask you to contact us at elliotfamily@telegramme. We await your reply. We thank you and peace be with you.”

Please continue to pray for Dr Elliot that he may be released and spend his last years in freedom with his wife.

Source: Eternity News