Jaida village, India: Pastor and son BATTERED by mob after leaving prayer meeting

A CHRISTIAN pastor and his son were hospitalised after bring brutally attacked by a mob of Hindu radicals in Jaida village, India.


A Christian pastor and his son was beaten without warning by a mob of 30 Hindu radicals (Image: GettyImages)


Ramesh Vasunia, 43, and his son Rahul were returning by motorcycle from a prayer meeting when they were ambushed and viciously attacked without explanation.

Pastor Ramesh told persecution watchdog International Christian Concern (ICC): “I cried so much and begged them with my hands folded to spare us, as my son already slipped into unconsciousness with the bleeding injuries.

“I could hear a voice from the crowd saying, ‘Kill them!’ Then I saw one person lifting a big rock to crash [on] my head and I thought to myself that they will kill us.”

Using sticks and wooden clubs, the gang continued assaulting the pair for at least 30 minutes.

It was only when a member of their congregation arrived on the scene that they were rescued and rushed to hospital.

But their ordeal was not over yet, as Pastor Ramesh suffered vile abuse when he reported the crime to local police.

He said: “When I went to the police station after three days with the complaint, the police in charge of Antarveliya station threatened me with abusive language.

“He told me that he will send me to jail for preaching about Jesus and said, ‘Don’t you know that the BJP is in power?’”

Hate attacks on Christian places of worship, priests and nuns have increased (Image: GettyImages)

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the ruling political party in India whose nationalist policies are said to have emboldened Hindu terrorists.

The number of recorded incidents of hate crime based on religion have risen since they came to power in 2014.

Author and human rights organiser Harsh Mander told Indiaspend: “There seems to be a kind of permissive environment for people to engage in hate speech and to act out on hate.

“This plays out in terms of lynching, individual hate attacks, attacks on places of worship–especially Christian places of worship on priests and nuns.”

Narendra Modi is the Indian prime minister and leader of the Hindu nationalist BJP party (Image: GettyImages)

Christians are the most likely religious group to be detained and imprisoned in India (Image: GettyImages)

Pastor Ramesh and his flock have been the victims of religious persecution before in 2017 when they were attacked and then falsely imprisoned.

He claims they were beaten in jail and forced to clean toilets.

Indian Prison Statistics reveal Christians are the religious group most likely to be detained and imprisoned in India.

The number of Christians who are convicts is two times their proportion in the general population. Hindus are the least likely to be jailed.


Source: Express