ISIS defector reveals ISIS merciless extermination of Christians

Zurab, the ISIS defector of Chechen origin, served as a bodyguard of the infamous ISIS Minister of War Omar al-Shishani, who is currently clinically dead due to a US airstrike on a convoy of his, during his stay in Syria.


After witnessing the horrors ISIS inflicted on defenseless women, children, elders and other minorities, Zurab fled to his home town where he turned himself in to the Russian authorities.

The repentant former jihadist claimed that Christians were shot on the spot unhesitantly and the corpses of those slain were abused by the terror group for many of their dark agendas.

The deserter denied killing any civilians during his stay in Syria and is now serving a five-year sentence for his terrorism offences.

Source: Al-Masdar News

FITW Note: The story above is one of hope and it gives us motivation to pray for a change of heart for those who are associated with brutal and heinous crimes against the innocent. Pray that more and more people like Zurab will realise that their organisations have nothing to offer except stealing, killing and destruction. Pray that they will become sickened by these hateful actions leading to both physical and spiritual death, and instead seek ‘life’ and the life giver according to John 10:10.