International Migrants Day, Sun. 18 December (Podcast)

“Every migrant is a human being with human rights”: UN Chief

Children, women and men who have fled their homes amid the ongoing refugee and migrant crisis, stand outside small tents in a park.Photo: UNICEF/ Shubuckl

“Every migrant is a human being with human rights”, according to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki- moon.

In recognition of International Migrants Day, marked annually on 18 December, Mr Ban urged countries to reject the discrimination and abuse of migrants by expanding legal channels for safe migration and ensuring equal opportunities for all adults and children on the move.

Priyanka Shankar has more.

Climate Change, shattered economies,and armed conflicts have, in effect, made one in every seven people on the planet a “migrant, according to the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM).

After escaping the harsh realities of their homelands for a better life, millions of men, women and children on the move, become victims instead, to human rights violations.

The IOM also noted in a recent survey, that 7,189 migrants died or went missing on world migratory routes during the course of this year.

The agency’s Director-General William Swing said that migration was the mega-trend of our time which has pushed it into the public’s consciousness and to the top of every government’s agenda.

Mr Swing also added that, countries should ensure migrants are integrated into their new societies by nurturing the benefits of their presence.
“On International Migrants Day, let us recognize, that we have enough opportunity for all – we need only to share it,” he said.

UN chief, Ban Ki-moon called for a sustainable response to migration by rejecting abuses against migrants, ensuring labour mobility at all skill levels and regularising the status of undocumented migrants.

Priyanka Shankar, United Nations.