Happy St Patrick’s Day

Basic facts about St Patrick

Around 390 AD he was Born in Roman Britain, at a place called
Bannavem Taburniae.

406 Captured by pirate raiders and taken to Ireland as a slave

412 Escaped and returned home. Studied hard and became a bishop.

432 Returned to Ireland to tell people about Jesus

460 Died on 17 March. One old tradition says he was buried at Downpatrick, County Down in Northern Ireland.

St Patrick’s day is on 17 March, the day Patrick is believed to have died. It is a national holiday in Ireland.

The local chieftains were suspicious of him and even tried to kill him, but Patrick was confident. ‘God is helping me,’ he said. I trust in God to protect me.’

Thousands became Christians, meeting in little churches all over Ireland and giving their whole lives to serve God through prayer and good deeds.