Giving thanks for a good week in Northern Uganda

Some Hope and Grace staff getting ready for the Morobi refugee settlement crusade!

Sometimes we can get so bombarded with bad news, it’s easy to get focused on the negative things, and overlook, or just not give enough time to remember and give thanks for the good things that are happening.

In the past week, we’ve had some incredibly GOOD NEWS from Morobi refugee settlement in Northern Uganda which houses refugees from South Soudan.

Over a four day period, from Monday 21st – Thursday 24th May, US missionaries Gary and Louise Short from Hope and Grace International, organised a gospel crusade along with Swedish Evangelist,Tobias Almhill and his team.

It’s the rainy season in Northern Uganda, so there was a risk that the weather would prevent their mission from happening. However, as we look back at the week that has just passed, we want to give praise to God, not only that the crusade was able to go ahead, but also for the many salvations and healings that took place. Please pray for all those who responded to the call for salvation. These are a people who have had to endure unimaginable hardship, yet because of the faithfulness of missionaries like Gary and Louise Short, they have been reminded that God still loves them and hasn’t forgotten them. Tears flowed during the week when the evangelist spoke about the father heart of God.

As you browse the photos below, let’s give thanks for these good reports and please pray that God will not only bring these people deliverance from their adverse circumstances, but raise up Christian leaders from among them who will, in turn, reach many other refugees from around the world with the gospel.

This landlord gave his life to Jesus and was also healed of asthma. This is some traditional garb with the goatskin hat, tie, and stick. Please pray for these new believers to forsake the old and embrace the grace of God.

This mornings speaker ministered on the “Father Heart of God” what a desperately needed revelation among these suffering and abused people! Many responded needing heart healing.

Jesus is the Healer! Blind eyes, malaria, back issues,liver problems, the lame, and many others! This man WAS blind in one eye…


Note from Gary Short:

Where we are ministering is not totally unreached (except in places). But, it is clearly under reached, meaning that the vast majority of the people we are reaching out to only know a gospel of man’s rules, they attend church or some other religious meetings but have never been taught that salvation come by God’s grace through faith in Jesus without human merit or effort. The Good News lifts a religious load off people and brings them peace, joy and life.