Today, Thursday 24th May, is the final day of the special gospel campaign to reach out to these people – mainly Southern Sudanese who have had to flee from their own country because of the fighting, and who are currently taking refuge in one of the large ‘camps’ in Northern Uganda. The crusade has been organised by Gary and Louise Short from the US, directors of Hope and Grace international, missionaries now working with refugees from South Sudan. They have been joined by Swedish Evangelist,Tobias Almhill and his team.

From the start on Monday, there has been a big turnout for the meetings, with many healings taking place and many responding to a call for salvation. In yesterday morning’s session, tears flowed when the speaker ministered on the “Father Heart of God”. This was a desperately needed revelation among these people who have suffered so much and who face an uncertain future.

Thankfully, this crusade is not a fly-in, fly-out, hit and run event. Gary and Louise are there for the long haul, living and working in Northern Uganda which now houses over a million South Sudanese refugees. They’re involved in humanitarian work, church planting and discipleship training programmes. Friends In The West is happy to support their ministry because of the vital work they are involved in, bringing hope and healing to a suffering and abused people, letting them know that God hasn’t forgotten them in spite of the hardship they’ve been through. Please pray for this, the final day of the crusade, and please pray for the on-going work of Gary and Louise among these million-plus refugees from South Sudan, and that very soon, peace and prosperity will be restored to that country. Your prayers and support are appreciated.

Photos below are from meetings on Wednesday 23rd May.

At the Wednesday morning session, tears flowed when the speaker ministered on the “Father Heart of God”.