Escape from the Rwandan Genocide. Alex’s story Part Three

By John Callister

Alex was grateful for the friendship of the chaperones who had become part of his life. He enjoyed finding out about them because their lives and upbringings were were very different from his. Each one had a unique, interesting story. They came from countries like Canada, America, England and Ireland. Spending so much time together meant that both the children in the choir and the chaperones had become like one big family. 

Alex knew that the chaperones’ motivation came from their Christian faith, and that their lives were a genuine expression of God’s love. They weren’t doing it for money since most of them had very little, and each one had had to raise their own financial support from family and friends. It was a long time since Alex had felt so loved and cared for. But that didn’t mean that all was well with him.

Having gone through the trauma of the Rwandan genocide, there were things that Alex hadn’t been able to talk about.  But because of the trust that had been built up with his chaperones, very gradually he began to open up to them about the fears and the heartache he was living with.

They were understanding, and encouraged him to turn to Jesus Christ and ask for his help to deal with the issues he was struggling with. As he did, he found himself being able to focus on the good – the miracles that he knew he had experienced in his life. He knew that God had preserved his life and had opened up the door for him to join the African Children’s Choir.

As he thanked God for what he had done, the healing process he had longed for, began.  
In Alex’s own words, “Those chaperones today are my mentors because God use them in such a powerful way to remind me I was loved and I was cared for, and it’s so beautiful. And I’m so grateful that God opened the door for me to join the African Children’s Choir, because at a time when I was vulnerable, he used the African Children’s Choir to remind me of his love. When I was looking for something to hold on to the African Children’s Choir introduced me to a greater love a greater hope that is found in Jesus Christ alone and that is why I’m able to be here today.” 

Interview filmed by Peter Wooding ASSIST News


People like Alex, and other members and former members of the African Children’s Choir, have stories of forgiveness and testimonies of God’s goodness in times of hardship. At a time when the world needs some good news more than ever before, we want to get these stories out to those who need it most. Please pray for Alex and others who have a message of hope to share, that the right avenues and doors for sharing will open. It would be a great encouragement to Alex to know that you have been touched by his message. If you have, would you take the time to drop him a line or two and let him know. You can reach him by email at

Thank you.


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