Conditions “dire” for 70,000 Syrians trapped on Jordanian border (Podcast)


UN aid trucks arrive in the Syrian town of Madaya, which has been slowly starving since October 2015. Photo: OCHA/G. Seifo

Conditions have become “dire” for more than 70,000 mainly women and children trapped on the Syrian side of the border with Jordan, according to the UN humanitarian chief.

Stephen O’Brien visited the Syrian war refugees during a trip to Jordan where he has been discussing ways of increasing the flow of aid.

Jordan closed the border following a car bomb attack in late June, stranding the refugees behind a land embankment, or berm.

Critical shortages of food and water have led to some deaths according to reports, and they are living in makeshift tents, in harsh desert conditions.

Some aid has been delivered using drones and cranes.

May Yaacoub asked Mr O’Brien what discussions he had been having.

Duration: 3’37”