Coffins arrive in church of Egyptian Christians murdered in bus attack

By Cara Bentley

Seven bodies have been transported to a church for the funerals of the Christians who were attacked on Friday.

The vehicle was ambushed on their return from St Samuel the Confessor monastery, South of Cairo, after a family baptism for a child.

Seven people were murdered and 20 people were also injured and taken to Magaghah hospital and Sheikh Fadl Hospital. The Interior Ministry says it was the work of Islamic militants.

It’s the second attack on pilgrims near St Samuel the Confessor monastery in two years. The previous attack in May 2017 left 28 people dead.

On Saturday, the coffins of those who died on Friday arrived at the Church of Prince Tadros in the city of Minya, where clergy prayed and conducted the funerals.

Bishop Youssef, the Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States said in a statement: “No one can take away our joy in the Lord. For now, we may shed some tears and grieve for a while in sorrow for the faithful martyrs and confessors and their heart-broken families.

“Tomorrow is a new day, but God will not forget one drop of the blood of His saints. All Egyptian citizens must strive together to condemn these radicals from trying to take our beloved country hostage.”

Source: Premier