Christian village ransacked and church buildings burnt out in Boko Haram attack in northern Cameroon

Two church buildings were burnt out in the latest Boko Haram attack on the mainly-Christian village of Grossi in the far north of Cameroon on Saturday 11 May.

In a spree of destruction, armed Boko Haram militants ransacked the village, damaging 67 houses and two shops, killing livestock, looting motorbikes and damaging grain stores.

Villagers try to salvage grain from a food store burnt out in Boko Haram’s attack on Grossi

According to a local pastor, Cameroonian security forces attempted to intervene but were overwhelmed by the Islamist militants and the soldiers barely managed to escape. “God help us”, said the pastor as he described the “abominable” attacks.

The jihadi mob came back to fire their guns into the air on Monday 13 May before disappearing into the forest. Boko Haram will return until they “finish with us”, warned the pastor.

An earlier Boko Haram attack on Grossi took place on 25 January 2019.

Christian villages in the far north of Cameroon are subject to attacks by Boko Haram Islamist militias attempting to establish an Islamic caliphate from north-eastern Nigeria all the way to northern Cameroon. Most Cameroonian Muslims live in the north of this predominantly Christian country.

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Source: Barnabas Fund