Christian school in Aleppo hit by missile

By Antony Bushfield

One person is dead and two are seriously injured after a missile hit a Christian school in Aleppo, Syria.

The weapon fell on Terra Santa Middle School on Saturday evening whilst a number of people, including many elderly, were inside.

It’s thought people had come to the school to seek refuge from the bombing of forces loyal to President Al-Assad.

The school had been considered a safe place that would not be targeted because of its religious links.


Classes were run by Franciscan monks who had opened up some classrooms as a make shift refuge centre.

The missile shot through the wall as people gathered in a hall.

School principal Br. Firas Lutfi said: “The explosion was extremely violent, and it was strongly felt.

“Apparently there is a no longer one place in Aleppo that is 100 percent safe.”


Source: Premier Media