In the West we consider our homes a sanctuary, a place that we can retreat to and relax in. The thought that that place is not safe would rarely enter our minds.

For Christian human rights defender Li Chunfu, though, that is not the case.

The Beijing lawyer is said to be ‘emaciated and aged’ after spending more than a year behind bars. He is believed to have been tortured in custody and appears to be suffering significant trauma. When he returned home, his wife said he was afraid to enter their flat.

Li Heping’s wife weeps as she greets her brother-in-law Li Chunfu. (Photo: China Aid)

Li Chunfu has been freed on bail from a Chinese prison – but he has emerged a broken man.

Please ask God to heal Li Chunfu and comfort his wife, as they recover from their ordeal.

Li Chunfu was arrested in August 2015, during a nationwide crackdown on human rights lawyers and church leaders across China. Initially, he was held incommunicado in an unofficial ‘black jail’. His brother, Li Heping, had been seized the month before: Li Heping has since been charged with ‘subverting state power’ and remains in jail.

Since his release a week ago, Li Chunfu has told his wife he was subjected to medical checks almost daily in prison and given unknown medication, which he now fears may put his life at risk. Li has worked alongside Beijing lawyer and fellow Christian Zhang Kai who was detained during the same crackdown – but released last March.

Pray that our all-powerful God will comfort, heal and restore Li Chunfu, in mind, body and spirit. Thank God that the same Holy Spirit that brought Christ back to life is at work in Li’s body (Romans 8:11).

Pray for courage, patience and grace for Li’s wife as she waits on God to heal her husband. Pray too for Li’s sister-in-law Wang Qiaoling, who will inevitably be concerned for her husband as she sees the impact of imprisonment on Li Chunfu.

Pray for the swift release of Li Heping and all the other church leaders, lawyers and rights defenders arrested as part of the 2015 crackdown.

(Source: China Aid)

Please pray for Pastor Hassan Abduraheem, Petr Jašek and Mr Abdulmonem Abdumawla in Sudan: they are due back in court on Monday when the judge is expected to give his verdict. The men face serious charges, including spying, which could carry a death sentence.

We’re sad to report that our Chinese brother, Pastor Gu ‘Joseph’ Yuese from Zhejiang, has been re-arrested and reportedly charged with misappropriation of funds. The former leader of China’s largest state-sanctioned church has been under ‘residential surveillance’ since April; he was held for two months last year on suspicion of ‘embezzlement’. Please pray that all charges will be dropped.

(Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide)