China: Christians clash with police as government forces church to install CCTV

By Premier Journalist

Christian protesters in China clashed with hundreds of police officers who converged on one of the state-run churches to install surveillance equipment.

The government in China’s coastal Zhejiang Province recently ordered that surveillance cameras be installed at all state-run churches in order to monitor church activities.

Government officials have been dispatched to forcibly set up the devices if the church leadership refuse to co-operate.

The government have said they are hiking up security measures as an anti-terrorism precaution.

Police were sent to Changlin Church in Wenzhou in order to carry out the task. China Aid has reported that Christians who resisted the efforts were beaten by the police.

According to the human rights group, one group of women stationed themselves in front of the church, fearing it would be demolished. They were temporarily detained by the police.

After setting up the security cameras, China Aid report that officials destroyed the church’s reception desk and gates.

Shengai Church, also in Wenzhoi, issued a statement accusing the government of violating their privacy and calling the installation of cameras an abuse of power.

Source: Premier