Children dying “silent deaths” in Yemen (Podcast)


Internally displaced woman sits with her daughter in front of her makeshift shelter in the Tharawan IDP camp on the outskirts of Sana’a. Photo: UNICEF/Moohialdin Fuad

Children in Yemen are dying “silent deaths” according to the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in the country.

The recent breakdown of a cessation of hostilities agreement has led to an intensification of fighting in the Gulf state.

30 people were killed on Saturday by airstrikes aimed at a water-well north of the capital Sa’ana, adding to mounting concerns over the “unrelenting attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure.”

The deadly attack follows weeks of intensified shelling and ground fighting across the country, including missile attacks from Yemen to Saudi Arabia.

Reem Abaza has been speaking to Humanitarian Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick who’s in the capital Sana’a and began by asking him about the current situation there.

Duration: 3’53”