British Prime Minister, Theresa May: ‘We stand with persecuted Christians’

British Prime Minister, Theresa May. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

By Marcus Jones

The Prime Minister has reiterated her support of Christians who are persecuted in Iraq and other countries around the world.

Answering a question by DUP MP Jim Shannon during PMQs on Wednesday, Theresa May said she’s looking to do more to help those who face violence because of their faith.

Shannon marked the return of many believers to the Nineveh Plains and asked the PM to pledge her support ahead of the marking of Easter.

In her reply, she said: “Easter is of course the most important time in the Christian calendar. It is a time of new life and hope. The message of the cross and the resurrection help to support Christians around the world.

“We stand with those persecuted Christians. We will be looking to see what more the Government can do to support them.”

She also spoke about her meeting with an Iraqi priest who gave her a Bible saved from a church which was destroyed by Islamic State.

The PM said it is being kept at Downing Street as a reminder of the suffering felt by many.

Source: Premier