Asia Bibi Needs Your Urgent Prayers for Her Upcoming Hearing Appeal Against Her Death Sentence

Asia Bibi, a Christian Pakistani woman and mother of five, has suffered eight years behind the prison bars in the city Multan in Pakistan.

Her final chance for life will be at her upcoming sentencing. Her death sentence will be confirmed on October 12 or 13, 2016. This is the last chance she has to escape the unjust death sentence she was given under Pakistan’s “blasphemy laws”. She is desperate to be reunited with her five children and family again. Her crime? She drank water from the same metal cup meant for Muslims’ use.

Asia Bibi was the only Christian who worked in the berry fields among her female Muslim co-workers in Sheikhupura district of Punjab Province. She was asked to fetch water from a nearby well, which she did, and on the way back drank from the metal cup meant only for Muslims.

Upon this act, the Muslim women insulted her and her faith, stating that Christians are dirty filthy infidels and are not allowed to drink from the same cup. Asia, upon defending her faith said, “I believe in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind?” No response, and full of rage, they accused her of blasphemy and the district court of Sheikhupura charged her with a death sentence. Unbelievably, the simple act of drinking from the same cup Muslims use can put a Christian life on the death row!


The first two weeks of October, in fact the whole month, is very significant for Bibi, her family, and for all the Christians of Pakistan as they wait in prayer for the verdict from the Supreme Court of Pakistan on the case.

Islamist groups are planning to attack her if she is released from the jail. Jamait Ulema, one of the worst extremist groups, has pledged to take the law in its own hand, and to kill her if the Supreme Court releases her. They have offered an equivalent of $10,000 reward for anyone who would execute her, and there are 10 million willing Muslims who would do it.

There is no safe haven for Asia, either in the prison or outside the prison bars. Her health is deteriorating in the bad conditions of the prison, and she is constantly threatened by other inmates with death and poison in her cell.

There is no escape.

Her family has been threatened by numerous radical Muslim groups, and was forced into hiding. Her children cannot leave the shelter for fear of abduction.

Life is not safe for Christians living in Pakistan. Any who dare to question mistreatment by blasphemy law are put to death. Even the Governor of Punjab, Salaman Taseer, was killed by his own security guard, Mumtaz Qadri.

Qadri was highly praised and applauded by extremist Muslims. The Federal Minister of Minority Affairs, Shahbaz Bhati, was murdered by gunmen in an ambush in his car. Both of these men in high position supported Asia Bibi and paid with their lives.

Christians who voice their persecution know they will likely meet with the same fate. For this reason, many such cases go unreported; victims never see justice, and with the situation never changing to accept the Christian community or allow their faith.

Please urge your members of the US Congress to intervene with the government of Pakistan to push on the release of Aisa Bibi.

The Pakistan government needs moral and legal support from America to stand and fight against the pressure of Islamist groups. Financial Aid could be restricted by US on the grounds of Aisa Bibi’s release or for that matter, for the protection of Christians in Pakistan.

Please also request US to be ready to help arrange the escape of Bibi out of the country, as quickly as possible upon her released from jail. American government does have influence—should it choose to exert it.

Stand alongside Christians in Pakistan in this crucial two weeks of October, and pray for their safety and spiritual strength as they hold protests for Bibi’s case.

Especially pray for Bibi’s lawyer, Khalil Tahir Sindhu that God fills him with courage and strength as he fights for her in the courtroom. This woman is innocent and suffering in jail for eight years for standing up for her faith.

Fervently pray for Bibi’s continuous strong believe in Jesus, her children, husband and her relatives’ protection and faith. Sign petitions and raise awareness about her case among your friends, family and church members so more and more people can join in to pray. Her safe release would signify that justice is done for at least one Pakistani Christian.

Source: Christian Freedom Iternational