Algeria: Christian in blasphemy case

Christians in Algeria request prayer for a believer from a Muslim background who is due to appear before a judge on charges connected with blasphemy against Islam.


This brother comes from the Kabylie area (from the province of Steif, 300km east of Algiers), is 49 years old, and became a Christian in 1997.

The brother published a message on social media about the light of Jesus overcoming the lie of Islam and its Prophet in the Kayblie area.

The brother also published photos showing the execution of a civilian by an Islamist terrorist.

Material which the brother published was adjudged to be insulting to Islam by the authorities.

Islam is the state religion in Algeria, according to the constitution of the country. Insulting Islam and insulting the Prophet are crimes according to the Algerian penal code and the Algerian media law.

The brother was arrested on 31st July.

He appeared before a prosecutor, was detained and is due to appear before a judge on 7th August.

His family has appointed a lawyer for him, and a human rights organisation has engaged another lawyer to monitor the case.

The human rights organisation has condemned the arrest and says it will seek to mobilise public opinion against the trial.

Please pray that:

a. this brother, his family and church will experience the peace of Jesus and the comfort of the Holy Spirit

b. the brother will soon be released, especially as he suffers from a chronic illness and his health may deteriorate if he remains in detention

c. laws in the Middle East will be changed so that freedom of expression and freedom of religion are upheld

d. the local authorities will cease attempts to intimidate Christians, and that the church in Algeria will grow and continue to witness throughout the country

e. there will be peace and justice in Algeria, and that Christians will be allowed their fundamental rights

Source: Middle East Concern