Alex Part One: A Miraculous Escape from the Rwandan Genocide.

In the first of a series, Alex talks about how he escaped the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

His family was part of the Tutsi tribe, and they were under attack from armed Hutus. After his grandmother and uncle were killed, Alex, along with his brother and sister, tried to hide in the village, running from family to family. Eventually they had to leave the village and make their way to the city, hoping for safety and refuge there. But in the city, the situation was even worse, and so they had to set out on the run again.

One vivid memory Alex has is of the time he was being chased by gunmen.  Running for his life, he slipped in some cow manure and fell. A bullet missed his head by an inch and he realised that the fall had actually saved his life. Alex didn’t have a relationship with the Lord at this time, in fact he was angry at God because so many bad things were happening.

After being on the run for three months, Alex was brought to an orphanage in Kagali, the capital city of Rwanda, by has aunt. The orphanage carried the slogan, “Hope for Children in Distress”.  Alex was thankful for a safe haven, but it was here he also had a life-changing experience.

A number of organisations visited the orphanage to help. Among them was the African Children’s Choir. After an audition in the dining room, Alex was offered a place on one of their programmes, which he readily accepted.

The first step was to travel to Uganda as part of the African Children’s Choir to learn English. Here he was also trained in singing and choreography. But it was also an opportunity for Alex to reflect on his life. He thought of the many times he had escaped death, and began to ask questions like, “Why am I alive today”? “Could it be that God has a plan for my life”?

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Interview filmed by Peter Wooding, ASSIST News