Aleppo civilians ‘shot on the spot’ – UN


Many civilians have been leaving rebel-held areas, but this man and a child retreated deeper into the remaining pocket of the rebel-controlled

Syrian pro-government forces have been entering homes in eastern Aleppo and killing those inside, including women and children, the UN says.

The UN’s human rights office said it had reliable evidence that in four areas 82 civilians were shot on the spot.

A spokesman said it looked like there had been a “complete meltdown of humanity in Aleppo”.

Rebels, who have held east Aleppo for four years, are on the brink of defeat.

Thousands of people are reportedly trapped in the last remaining neighbourhoods still in rebel hands, facing intense bombardment as pro-government troops advance.

Both the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have appealed to Syria and its ally Russia to end the bombardment and allow civilians a safe passage out.

Numerous bodies on streets

At a news conference in Geneva, UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville gave details of the atrocities being reported.

He said that of the 82 civilians reportedly shot, 11 were women and 13 were children.

“Yesterday evening, we received further deeply disturbing reports that numerous bodies were lying on the streets,” Mr Colville added.

“The residents were unable to retrieve them due to the intense bombardment and their fear of being shot on sight.”

Source: BBC News