700 Boko Haram hostages freed in the past week. BBC report:

The Nigerian Military say that in the past week they have destroyed 100 insurgent camps and freed around 700 women and children who were being held captive by Boko Haram.

Footage from the Nigerian Air Force which was passed on to the BBC, shows footage of what appears to be Boko Haram militants fleeing as bombs are dropped from above, as well as women and children escaping.

After a three day journey in an open truck, the women and children eventually reached the safety of a government refugee camp. It was here that some spoke to BBC journalists about their ordeal at the hands of their captors.


Some of the stories are truly shocking. We thank God for their release and the opportunity they now have to live in freedom once again. But please pray for their physical and psychological healing. Many of the women were in need of urgent medical attention, and thankfully they are now receiving that. But the mental scars may be the most difficult to deal with. Teams are being mobilised to try to help with the psychological trauma. Please pray for wisdom and divine guidance for all those who are now caring for and attempting to facilitate their recovery.

Identification of the women has been taking place and so far it seems that the Chibok girls aren’t among the groups that have been freed in the past week. However, operations are continuing so please continue to pray that all Boko Haram’s captives will soon be free.